• Formation Complète – Développeur Web

    What Will I Learn? +26000 étudiants, le cours le plus populaire sur le marché francophone 7 projets concrets de A à Z 11 Quiz pour tester vos connaissances Conseils de Coach pour votre futur de Développeur Web Votre Site Web perso avec Portfolio Créer des sites et applications Web Gagner de l’argent grâce à vos compétences de Développeur Web. 

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  • The Web Developer Bootcamp

    The only course you need to learn web development – HTML, CSS, JS, Node, and More!

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  • Learn how to make game play with Game Maker Studio 2

    Make 2 Complete Games with the Free Version of GameMaker Studio 2 What you’ll learn   Navigate GameMaker Studio 2’s UI Program basic events and scripts in GameMaker Language Make your very own platform and space shooter games

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  • Learn how to create HTML5 and JavaScript games from scratch

    Learn how to create HTML5 and JavaScript games from scratch Step by step tutorials with real HTML5 code examples What you’ll learn   create animations using javascript add objects to the canvas use html5 to interact between JavaScript and canvas apply Collision detection, enemy movement, game interactions and more create basic games understand concepts on html5 game creation  

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  • Simple HTML5 Game Development

    Learn to build a complete web or mobile video game using HTML5. No previous programming or web development required. What you’ll learn Build a basic web page with HTML Use CSS to add essential style to your page Understand the main concepts of programming (variables, conditions, loops, branches, functions, and arrays) using JavaScript Use JavaScript and the Document Object Model…

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  • 2D Game Development With Javascript & CSS3- Create Memory Game

    What you’ll learn Build a completely randomized, intelligent 2D memory game with stellar design with Javascript, HTML5 & CSS3 Learn how to design the game logic for the game and implement it as code Learn how to make the game intelligent and interesting by introducing a randomization element into it. Make it unpredictable for even the programmer of the game.…

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  • Learn How To Create Your Own WordPress Website : Beginners WordPress Course

    This complete WordPress course is designed for beginners like you who have never built a WordPress website (or any website for that matter). WordPress is the perfect tool for creating a fully customized website for any purpose. Whether you want to create a blog,  a personal portfolio, or a business website to sell your products and services, you can do it with…

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  • Learn How To Build A Successful Adsense Arbitrage Business

    Welcome to the ultimate guide to starting a successful Adsense arbitrage business. The Adsense arbitrage business is very powerful and a lot of people are making a living using only this method. Unlike other time consuming making money strategies like SEO, this method is straight to the point, you will see immediate results, and if you follow my guide in…

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  • WordPress دورة شاملة في بناء موقع او متجر الكتروني للمبتدئين

    اهلا بك في هذه الدورة التعليمية التي سوف تساعدك على اكتساب مهارات انشاء المواقع والمدونات والمتاجرالالكترونية بشكل مبسط وسهل وبدون برمجة من خلال منصة الوورد بريس. فمن خلال هذه الدورة سنتعلم خطوة بخطوة من الصفر كل المهارات اللازمة لإنشاء موقعك الإلكتروني واضافة كل ما يحتاجه الموقع مثل النشرة البريدية، خرائط جوجل , اللايف شات مع العملاء …الخ بما يناسب فكرتك وهدفك…

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  • Création des applications mobiles Android Reskin Reverse

    Description Durant ce cours, je vous accompagne d’une simple définition et théorie à être sans le moindre soupçon capable de générer votre première application sans une seule ligne de programmation. Ce cours est dédié à toute personne ayant un niveau modeste en informatique ou plus. Ce cours vise à vous faciliter les tâches et vous permettre, si vous le désirez, gagner des sommes importantes de…

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