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English Alphabet Tracing A-Z

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English Alphabet Tracing Package from A to Z uppercase. Use the Hand or Mobile Pen to trace and fill the letters.

Key Features

⚪ Smooth Letters Tracing and Filling
⚪ A-Z Complete Letters
⚪ Tracing Helper (Hint)
⚪ Letters Pronunciation
⚪ Shapes Manager
⚪ Singleton Manager
⚪ Win, Reset Dialogs
⚪ Sound Effects
⚪ Particles Effects
⚪ Fourteen Colored Pencils
⚪ Support Mobile, Web and more Platforms
⚪ Logo, Album and Game Scenes
⚪ Three Extra Backgrounds
⚪ Unity UI built-in features
⚪ Persistent data (loading & saving)
⚪ Scrollable lists
⚪ Letters Rating
⚪ Load Scenes A sync
⚪ Debug messages
⚪ Commented source code in C#
⚪ Package Manual

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