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Hopping Boys – The Legendary Hopping Bird with Unity version

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The #1 Phenomenal Source Code now in Unity
You can see in the adventure category in the play store Hopping Bird is the most used Source Code for “Quantity Publisher”

Simple and Addictive Gameplay
Just play with 1 hand to jump and avoid the obstacle

Well Design for “Quantity Publisher”.
As we know, Hthe opping bird is goods source code to instantly targeted to any keyword. You can easily publish any keyword popular to raise money instantly using this Source Code. Just bought the multiple licenses if you need to publish more than 1 games.

Anti Clone, Your assets will be secure.
not like Hopping Bird eclipse version. With this unity version, your assets can’t be extracted. So don’t worry about people who will steal your assets and make alone of your games.

Newbie in unity ? have no skill in coding?
don’t worry we provide a full step by step detail using video.
so you can just simply follow it.

Easy to Reskin Template
This template is very easy to Reskin, Reskin it in any of your desired themes.

Excellent Support Services
Support services are provided by our leading development Studio!
We provide you support for issues & bugs throughout your reskinning process after purchase.

We also offer reskin services
you can place an order for Reskin & Launch from the right side of this product page.


Featured :
– Developed in Unity, Unity 5.6 required.
– Tons of well design levels. ( 6 Worlds – 120 Levels )
– Amazing tasty graphics.
– More Apps and rates Button
– Cross-platform template Support ( Android, iOS )
– Full documentation with video.

Monetize Support :
– Admob interstitial
– Unity video ads
– Startapp Splash ad


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